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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 6, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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n. hril receingeealss n cegls. >>retathis is tting ally d wa h>>ta isseing ne? th in dea ine ly wa friayng mi?ight hous replica areea tye g to buy rime mi thht cam usep upcawithretyto ntin ngy reluti , nutheramievepth ent. in redemotiats nute wt theve reblics we t. mandg s mos w th ey st it reic dwen. ithn isnd smaki t c ar sit he's d fanf he hnswoki we c ntinng r olut'sn. an sayswe in r cuut for ng ay gornme to liv wee bcu ek aor goi to go medermoeiv ouree b tion e onom a roiovero rm the mid r o a on the eom r scermbli and haos heid a o a bhe surpse a the whitschouslindos besidt oba rp a bherst ittoushe brfing roo idayiobysel bt jo bin mybrngooeam i a prelaredo m t fojoas lgbi asm poibleo a get predhis mfo l resoed. ispohatle haeninet assar assoe. kw, otista riint no as at tsashourhe kickengriis no at t escatingur the ckesed oreeti cang streehed a crossd ashiton. hnti boeer m redith asshi n. rry id b theyidn'toeet m whethsar y bweeyknown't he pridenobamr
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llinleadows toretu to e drpringenamoar indoesad atoyonetu hove a drg aral pn? whos es a rnell h ausin t p oimpae? r in t pafrusatedouse repuicanare walli r sete musoritedse lder puane id tli r ign. se m itey st l ar ette t blang t rn. setor r sshutng a dn th tegovementla tis h rselly r ame?ut dth vent swro hpblg rsy e? frema rongrelgman aln we whore ha re prnen hl -we hwhhanowsowto atprck hovementaste - tws m hato yo at youventtead t millatyo pas dyo unimouy on govlnmenas stes a unresouan.onoven ke yr bo ea tell ues wh. it ? ybo we lo edll u ath thet dense partnt p inti e ao ahe reoducdeon ae we aw rt pti a tat we cod tke reuc ae 10% t tre. t webecaoed t tt's rt o t% t wast t. d hang ca spe t s o t yea in st the mili rya anseeipe how ea nthe thlinei perpotow pructi e inease ppo we tewrtihat was inse smare utataswe cld me anit ar with thrgh. >> gta: cw mu man moy ar you ing thhr
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>> g: mumoar u .7g mavllio? iisca >> yar 2012 mio italca y80 milon 12ver ve ylrs. thinif wil erl ca y. uhere within whattype ca of ure th minet tt looktperogms wfhin rin t resptive ok coogitte wn cod spve nco wastefulbus ndo mad thos ncutshink aasutlshat thatouldaoon en ostswe ank atat at upldn at gre: its upextrrdiny allhe re reitblicssnd l thtrin docra lreicd -th draakes me thinkif y hav -ust eenes hereme coue of in yonthavinthe rlen is eeryb y elreou dofng? >> i ithcomin wi sthe emmonyb senel d? apoach i imi thinwi thepeec the i onaveen heap hchse forhat inheec preshtedhateill wa h f sothinatthatade see to esd t eryo.l itade ensesooin theatee ametocan ople hatyo wer w se he de smesen o th leter w higislors at w e tere. sth at'sheree ha to sl los w eat theree.o we mo 's rerwarhao is slould nree bebout hmo ar s deate nbeut hbstctiost polies o thetedeolicalstio divis tt we oeolal we vi ha twe. epic prortioa
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oblegreeicro traiody w e sta ng le dn tee brel .ra w h e pe letatalkg d aout t brcinla h gpeernmt slktdow at as in mauvers r grehenmible sow to m and as maspicerle. i rhethinleweeed to mndo me iceyon. that iin getdet eeptoor whin mon t e t -- wn gre: ex pt f ing. noyou --ave reex f g.join no ouwithve collguesnd achedacroin thhill oth llinharr reidlles he getro othll inrrid et fir o areacd over o sid ir he awas thacone sing ater oid wehee no losing fthe sotion sg 're jus weno looking f for o soon mplehin e tus bri lin abort o thislein " tecreriionab o is "ren o199 -- 19959-- 95 thathat isot wt th eric peoe wa afar at aats wth ving iceowa a 535r a gislors at ngoulde okinat35 wayby sls wh h weld caturn inrounthis btaynd ficiwhandwecaontirne tounoveis for rd. >> retacianyd tiubt ere toise gog toore. shuown
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>> ftaday?y t e >>gotohe pple u ha to lkhun f y? arsena >> p dee cratao ith r na mrschur, mr.eideat anh mr. duhuin. r.inkd theanve dg thr heelin. du. they on'tkantheto dthear y el. lutis. yoeyhave'tot a yrsel whr t usti i yovethis a y elsitihwith fiusal iis irsponble pol ytith fi ir ond noecomepolwithudge inthe os gelenometh1thge e coresss leh --n co sse - -- n gre: doou h d an - reblics reespodoible hd >> tre's eanugh ame to reic arnd.pole as i'mere t's eh noweo in ar. t'meow12th t coress seeomendivual fastth are coss defeeitelyeingmeivl stre efobstelctiosts. ng gre: t facthat stios. y a re tacat unanous t on sethi ke y was an is on s-hiote oas someing kewastis ite unbe oevab. meg nody sests toe loong f itbeab nothers soseuctoightg abtoo f this bget itan eeryt ngerso tryi tohtfiguab outith at is bt we c if eeytlook yiogurouut andh se wha c wifre waokingound ybe seha w
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illnwaisg chume chae in me ll ws b i i aumot hain mone >> y w thi i bis ihumt chan. ifneou y tahi ttum tis an if35a t ifti evy peon w dog th thk autf th evpe fi waldoth th atuatn weouldth beovini tords. we yoatlookweld tetin tos. g rort we at yomeok ut a t mth a at g talk r abot 100 a m ao lk bo0 biionoll00duplativ progms bie anlot lkin abt tckpliv l the og siatioa are talt ngin aut c atinab t l he issiio re 199al s auati n'tlookery99 somptient themerin pe le. tok y thnow thmpt thhee'sri wpete. t ththe. ow th knohhere prothamss out w ere shld b th th cutnong.rerosut at'sha e wh sho bd beut. fosingn. 's w ho gre: thbek y. fong pe yind rethore ywast. ynd e tha you >>streta. if u thi e haou >>taf hi 20 fcal dgetis a ms try012. 20 fl et m ngrema yryan2.ays h haa an. he poreed paranofs his plahaa on . heo arutubla >> ourn pn
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ingsubspenng ckown ur the pn hi oricgsen lel 20%n heiic le s0%are ur ecomy. shinon s he ecy.not en te inginou theruth h wet dot re rmteghethpendg o evernnt holth dre tirent pndgram we hve rn hh ze hopofetti re o pame h spenng a zeopas a rtiul o, ou bten aisis und a c rtrolou is >>retahownd col docra feel aut >>taw ryan pla dra el th a hatanlait! th mocrs aat asti! congssmaryan cr a tifuris abt e prngosalmaan thin decrat ayinri ab is puingpr thalrug fm indeatin s seenhen compu togthg f medire a sial curi enn omo diover auls sl ri ers geora senor insors. doongrensman s rn'sudge dogr an do anhing to rs angene currdotlynng55oyearofgean an rry olr? ar presve ol med are do. soalecur y fores thoed e ddivials. oseprog msso areurorho viunsus.aina
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e as heyeog arereow. suna as weyuy areut.ositeefor for ose we a bowitor r e b gre: 54an do whohis afferes. th4doho iso sayby fe e th e of e 10 ar b get ndow theay ef publ10 debunde th bil bwillt e hiower.he thbl's neb adeh gooilrepo if ll hi .ebo ys t sth nlan ioopo fgoin get us i tn i woe in et mess i we wiecree thwo ficiin t firss eiver breth 0 biciion tir llarr b over 0 bin yrs ar weave er y 6.2we illie..2 li israphowshat. e sll li a th begiaping the debwswe'vt.e ha soverhe pist 5thyear gig he eeb'v d ha lere p whe 5hear priden s buet l tas us. he preengreebuinetas.hiccome doo balce oveeea peod ne ofime whicemehis dgetdo es.alvepe of e >>retawhare u ss inget t pa.yanlais >>taesse sorseg tan t pa obana pansse acco ing t theb p cbohe de is fi cog ointohe be gher weboree no filat inninge er we gog dono.
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t wha t amengcan pele ar dendin andgodo wh e ha tme n maetspe ar areeind demwhdingnd t maeconsy re mandg isem ng gt on t a on trecto ndis tow d g lancon youan s intrtotheow presncent'budg itever ou s n ge toealan ev. est' dg t geter the getoanbudg to baevnce ovet a piod timhe that whadgtheobaemerin ov pd im pe leat wahae toeeri it wha theyre pe demwadingot greha: eyemng re foredicdhe ans is orat tere icll be s blocs gnts. te b atev amot weere ocgoin g ts.aybefohand w evmoay tweein same a ount nly efond w stes tll dh th mney me a ntt,y ght? how s dses dthatthave m uy ney? t? wthe d saate umounto t y?tate inea of ea ainisringunt t thtestayare. inf >>ame y w aisng sad thaye.elfa inhe >> 90se y w psadictle.fa ere' noan0s op ded pct . buet f therogr. e'oop lows greder bu f heexibgrity. at wsrethe iby.goveor s hae enve amorg fos the ograais mor reonsi or pefole e raate gorvernntsre
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si nd t b meeespsive e than grnsede l tgovement. mspve an >>retadevent inerms of w>>teta i the's ms awf lo wof wste. thy iss t wfere mulo we. gresveehavr is euon es pito avhillro g aftast to ll to a gftreshnst con essm to at g animsshote.non sm y di tak ghi erybimy ele. hasbeenroun for di aak ile? >> ayb of e elas cenmittuns arr chged the e?peak af wite ctt ar in roug chd thehe oakr sitit procs an comi ug wite the oit ste ocan --mi itheversht e pcessnd- comi uprsithaste pss -- mi>> gpta: dn'tou thk it thtembarssinthat-- a g: 't heshmit doe this arinat athat t hmoeis vilityat t ofvityhe ne reblics ging usf the spirion ne meve ficward ggshe gre : irn m frd ma erics ar e re upseabouho cooratnma asicar id tes. seouoat they mkes bllio t .esti thvoid ey m tes. bio ev ytimerin d sn'tthid avo t. taxe evri d't evodecr sexe speing u ma
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re tha heahcr and retimentpeecurg yma a sahaeah ndandecr setinturaxesor a inviduas anbusi >> gta:esif y l kinduanat tsesies g :numb ys l tugecorpatio mb s king blion arege aidinrpio alre y. ng b>> yon rremovehe ain lrephol theyave d en y rve t be of e x lolate ey e d breng tem t do bof sote y br t revaliz hdo yecony.eviz on. themplmentate llbe% th 4%plnte in2015 und 4% ourn pojec15nd gre: taur u. pec noa reta docrac ongrsman no d ra go evenggr siran. go ve you aeeirit conessm pre th the ryau a bget esonsm not prthhe afctya bet aone 55ot anaf ol ar?e5 ithinan th's baolcall righ think ifouh ar dera 55ll gh ithif devartati. whr it doe5is to evti whtay roeher o th youoingo t docr r r yur
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thou chngce a t ocving medire p for you ych a trtmen ng an inranc comny di pill orkeou ose tren decions annnc iomsl ieres ng e --ecns i gre: th do n i fores a - t ofs. re th if ou n askorost ople of i th wou athf skot le ba to i th th theouth wod sa nooao this thhe enwoedicesa forno 55 is aenic der.or55 gre a: weet a l of r. nuersut o rewehe l nus o c - the cuent cyste nes - to behe vise cutte >> ietogreebehe gre : se ender iee 50our reder er theystem 5 -runde r0hete four -de ty a nurdeep tr tble ay wa.eptre wa>> l talk aut seible ys to sve. l lk a terae admleistr ion tays s. out % of radmthetrn pysce for t umad ofethat poredireoes adat part.di becae tsepubcansasse rtlathat ca tubsaidnsse dica -at ma nid negiatehe pcace o presipti druma. n
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yeg nte p oet medare g esti theru. best neal andaveede g5 biionhe llar a y rst latnd waebi n gre: we l ha aar y segnta comi up abo rewehahat nd ofeg ing. mi u ifhatbo is su a got fdea y d dn'tg.he ifts docrau o thatea w n yo ha dhe'thous dra the nate-- at >> wyo we e >>teretayou d >> e e hod.e whe hoe an sena>>tau d uil nohomber whyidn' yo dowh ho itanna >> u w noer cldn'hy gn'onoug it nato to walon cn' g greug: yodidnhave too enouonemocti reenayorsdnve >> weidn' ouocna >>reta wen'how uld you >> nta ve eughw demdratiou n setorsho w t e tohigh wastemti weave sers woghedice th st pa ee inranc coicanietha $4 in tnc prove boefitiethat micare $ prov tes f ov bit$100at mar ov$100 f unr m00dica. 00un $114onties t mepucaican compies. y nosave 14ti t tat o.puan mp s. >>reta nove t o >>ta youave reblic cgresan w mesounen reic tee cmontes w manad so get tnt naet sethi
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ssed you tl me shihese ed ri culoyo thin tmese we upilo unt noveiner yohahous seate updnt whe hovee, yo y couusave sne ate the thi s.whho you the erice peo e ar ahewawahi in eorld ree iceo yar doi? >>'llwa t l yoin neld thi y weoi dildo. tyo >>retawhy dn'thiou dwe th? di. >> pt o >>ta y at i't dsaidas th phasg outh p onsurce i conde as pousedur ou mp nd otr pedou erpamentfot medal eqpmen 50bill n do ars panted eqsaviens. 50lldo s >>retastop uaved vi o er>>taop edaymes . o >>ood ght me the. 500 lliodolls wor .>>d t he ryangreewith 0 io uslleor p it his dget aneeth th lys pt dica is et sving inth thryanudge forcahe fir 10 sngyearexce for an 30geor biion ir e th on wearceorasseas30 pa biof hnlth re th rermne the ly pplesepa ar hndh re hre e pe- [ lkinoverarach her h [ in er greh : ir n loongo signlame r girei cre nt.oo weee gn amegire
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wereshn congssmacomen an sh so ch thronth ngmame aan mny o ve hrenthsittg andet a the m wae go n ttndnd on.he wa >>gonoth exale. mysen.and me co ay>>thxa. a repuican sedcongssma m fomo texapass a puanearngma unan fouslin t hou andxass sena ar bl la yar ansl t ttound sts th na pengon r b palang y t stthenn a $1 famm $1 whethey f coulaym$10.heey ul gre: h d we0. gt to the int her re h tha d ewested gto w e t toughwe ferxed iha e edd we di that wogetr. tgh fd >> ireta i ap aud weu.iat thet is >>tamostapd d all tse pple dthra the. ophos an taal t pe co. hheribl ho tanngwoul o to hbl have vernnt t sultdow o thve epubrncans wa sow00 biion th speubinnsa cut we aee tobin 73pe androput al thether a isssond let3n thopal ghte foeranotr 3/4fthhe w th e tond oteyr d wanto st th /4ovefment wth down idon'd nde tandnthat. sthvent
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wn>> g ita:n' coressn,handend wod y genli: inohessan litau. if u hard uwo y uldnli getn pd? taf hd t ridnt awet. p uld u g rioaw wa ee o d g chge? the ntag is dwaidin o ethe u. ch? toops te agr wis ge din pai he., if t pset wiverngent sts dn is weaiend.if jo ings rn s d e wed. jog o'efe rthe e "wasngtopost'e reility getpaid astoifste shdown >>it ty wieteid eningmone shbut wnn't >> t getwi thr chk in eng ene ma t tet--thchin- >>retaatheyre t geing id. >>hey >>taey are eg . >>yarnire ney but not in eir yut theytold n r th w l niunt bepaid eyd ecauth wni th ebe widuldn be mey fau it. if ah vernnt wdn shuown m ft. gins ridaif ght rnhunalfw poin of nsda tt wekfw y inf erio for e t milary. w do wiio r uteilchecy. for t do wifirseek theayecorerio t th wl g t pars for tk he iocond eekth w gpa aor bend. t nd greek: doou anowbe. h
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loy th re isdo if youw h go lothisto ifouour mogageo hoerur omothege grory ho sto yohaveo pa if o theepeoproaveto yove perparmed if t he memrs otheilitopye haveer seredd anthey tareem o e entledit toayme the ve out toer gan it.eye enedtome thhe neptouto gt. ud o wh ing th onpt nd o twh g ine itud what is ing t onneud pito hillats g isn depltoell ab. i dot me tplabick yo youre dome not memr tfk cooress u>> i'otem a loy cossjour listi' >> glota: e id at aur st e peleacro the oun gy: id awho ve s t thpee popleoroheun washgton ndo th sth cat p wlerk sh aonh we area w ing o a shut awnnd ey wre wi g probly wk it out ut iis rribwi. itis ob witrusttingut fr su. i ib it m es t fstng fsu inrestg sties itell men fople liveare instthe ne st ans whenl e tros le a vee n irae nnen ro ghan atan,lyinoverra lya an m ann,inoter t l thr an myches ha to bng pse
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toh amecans hehao >>reta bhow poutta mens retus. >>taw t opleho de t tu miske o er pa ng tle tdera gornmeis i oaxe a t ra >>et's larigo ameewxethin thatmigh haen. >>'sri ein at igha. wuld li ily sp pressi taxefun for w d oplehoiled parli s ax unor yoleedpa res. e-fi dyo yowille al ght.fioll 30% al tilt.themthroh th ma yo %ilrefuemsrowoulth't b ma procsedyo durg th piod.fu alsoul b and de ndsocdur onthhat u pd. in of so taxnde audsingont ould f so saxp atheudg is.ld >> gta: don' sat tink ople wi c impla out at. g: n' >> t k isle a wi cla t sign.icant souce revsue f thgovementgnanou th e's ncerev f ththvewoulnt't coect moy owto ths er tm.thul fedel ousicotoow admistra ton. youre o of desi tse fha mira. ou oappred cofplesrpers tthats haying tir fst pr ces rhomers at ln ng t g frantsould mee l spen gd mant a gooldhunkf opleryinto b enma a he oo wod ha tnk pro ng le tineir b osin hdatef wo thas coinue t aroew ds. tr
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inte tcoue e- rifyt d homand serity e- cofyaniethatre tingom todsety rify migrion tatucoieatf tgo theiempl ers, heyfyouldt gr n beble tu do t ateipls,y causldet bee odhs uld tve tsuspd us tha progm anthou its ill d totecthesphabord soganout llreen ece ba at e ardport et cenera. bat nall ayrt wa c doa. the strt hellwadohetr t he muums lle clos and ttionparkmus rosshe osnd coury wl onberk ss shutred.ou w >>retawe'lseeas. loutsd.ikee a >>ta get'lnge. shutwn. loke a >> i seetetar of ate ut. intonrong isearf aboue vionce tong on aricaou rderithioe mexi or onis a pcaside oba er h okinthe heray? xir p de bare'she lest, in twoe ry? amicanshot ead 's lt,wo amexecanion-otyle.d hav liv rertnext ecn-e. anmeran davsgraiv wre xt vergot j ticenorer d trae s o pan am rt jce03t ts h been o n neaamly 23t y harsee sinea 2 innent peop23 havbeen y blos upin ov 2 nn totla. opav en it uil ylo heap the vws.
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la >> g uerno yreachwaheenegr . joing g fonoes whwaeg lar king jo gwhatre tfose wtwoar dng at to anif y go th u itl be winin. it ctain wil an yo u itthisbeouldine a .n-wi thiss gog to e cinwin-iln. win-n. islda wi you oulday w-winis. gouse tohyph . n- n- u ld win e phyou ow wt th is win-n. a ho run u wth s , th was my nt gus. win-n. n- houn drin n gu n- n, ts tr wasreat wii men.... m juin... ah. pued. ttrasat obilju .ahpu. takeontr of ur tvel. omil ke trf tl. we'rameran aline nd o lowt fas gu ante'r erat aa.cone oowfagute atco
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wesed betho cld g clest thedge. to somcrazriskas a id.we d et c g clt hee. to ombut azwas skill aer t. edg withy chestel. t s l tdg th chteyone ith gh clestol y bet ineaserisk of hrt aack. neh cst et a exe isebe inwereset enskgh f me. h ak. ai stxeped eddinmysere.en fe. i'veeen tingealter excisi mor std inse ven ng anltnow m alex taksig liortor. ifou'vbeeniddi youelfan w aboualhighakholelierolr..sto if'vendioufough le80% ol peotoe wh havead hrt tackhaveigh olesrol. % eowhve h ckveh esl. lipir is choster loringedicion, fdpiapprised thoreduer the isklo ngof hicrt an,ack d stke fdpr tduhek hin aatiek s sto ha hea disse orisk ctor fo hearindiseiee. haeais [ malennouer ] orpitok is nor for veryfoe, arse incling ople [ leth louer p ]blem to n or ryand men o arnursg, egna clg le l or pay bemome egna. d n aryou rsed s ple ood nasts che foriverrobl s. or be na u s e d ll ysr door i you hee or erkingblther edicions
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y door i iyou u ve a mus e pang er icor wnsknes is m be sign f a ire u at seusous pade e ect. wes me gna ses e t.grt ri dow grriow youave gh clestol you y bet ineaserisk hea attk an stro. oue cst u beinsesk ea tt andon'rokid urse. ta to ur dtor out yourisk d abt litor. n'd se tao dr turk ablir. hesusi y dot youse is ? it'sot a alcutor. thks, d. hesi doyoe ? 's, thiss thneigorho. you t elstre d yoget in seet. isthigho u elre yot st. ank u. anthatust the rst arte k ansoatou wtt a idee int our tefice mony ba, eier o. so wa einr ce onbaei o re sll biness chse verin wiless an a s oth b esrelech car er.ri wiss whe's sie is ahe ethecti youle ar. whs e beisuse eey ktiw ou e sml buness th t bestechbelogye krule smbuss teschgy le
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:26 am
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1:27 am
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1:28 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
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1:38 am
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1:39 am
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1:43 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:46 am
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1:47 am
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1:48 am
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1:49 am
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1:54 am
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1:55 am
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